About Us

Twin PS Resources House is a licensed money lender with granted our money lending license no.(WL5718/10/01-5/080816) by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing ,Housing ,and Local Government Malaysia under Money Lending act of 1951. Our team of financial consultant at Twin PS Resources House has a best experience to solve your financial problems. We are able to analyse your specific needs and provide you a suitable money lending facilities.

Our Services

We Have Several Designed Loans Product For You

Personal Loans

We offer our loans that special designed to meet your needs and with fast approval scheme.

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Our scheme are designed to meet your needs and match you with the financial situation

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Mortgage Loans

Your loan will be approved instantly if you comply with our loan terms and conditions and cash will be provided immediately.

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Balance Transfer

Our team will provide you a solution on monthly repayment. We ensure the monthly repayment won't burden you.

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